22 June 2022

mg官方网站 Executive Director delivered his remark on the role of alumni network in the future of Higher Education at SHARE ASEAN-EU Exchange Students and Alumni Summit

mg官方网站 Writer Team

By Tan Sodalin, mg官方网站 Intern

Dr. Choltis Dhirathiti, mg官方电子平台(mg官方网站)执行主任, was invited as a speaker to join SHARE ASEAN-EU Exchange Students and Alumni Summit under the theme “Youth and Digital Connectivity” organized by European Union Support to Higher Education in the ASEAN Region (SHARE) via Zoom, on 28 May 2022.

The European Union Support to Higher Education in the ASEAN Region (SHARE) is the European Union’s flagship higher education program with ASEAN comprising the British Council, the DAAD, ENQA, and Nuffic. 庆祝mg官方网站与欧盟合作45周年, SHARE项目正在举办两届mg官方网站-欧盟交换学生和校友峰会, one of which was held in May 2022 under the theme of “ASEAN-EU Youth and Digital Connectivity” aiming to provide a space for dialogue and discussion on ways that ASEAN and EU students and exchange alumni can contribute to the development of cooperation between their regions and strengthen ASEAN-EU relations regarding higher education internationalization. 在峰会的第二届会议上,她主持了会议. Mutiara Indriani,研究基金负责人 & 雅加达比纳努桑塔拉大学讲师, 还有来自四个不同组织的四位演讲者, 包括伊拉斯谟学生网络, GaragErasmus, ASEAN Foundation, 和mg官方电子平台(mg官方网站)的代表. Colitis Dhirathiti. 演讲嘉宾以“校友网络在高等教育未来的角色”为题进行讨论。.

Starting by highlighting the crucial role the mg官方网站 has always been playing in promoting the cooperation among universities from both Member States and Non-Member States of the ASEAN region, Dr. 彻蒂斯提到,mg官方网站大学联盟是mg官方网站高等教育部门的实施机构, 试点多个跨境合作项目和活动. 因此,mg官方网站有许多校友群体,可以分为三类:

  • Firstly, 学生论坛的校友,作为一个平台,讨论各种主题,即公共事务, 展示艺术人才的文化展览, 学生领袖论坛,将会员大学的学生领袖聚集在一起,讨论和训练他们的领导能力.
  • Secondly, 与短期学习旅行、体验式学习计划和志愿者计划相关的项目和活动的校友. 例如京都大学的冬季学校项目, the Japan-ASEAN Cultural Exchange Program which provided a short-study trip for students from universities in Japan and ASEAN Member States, and the one-week mg官方网站 Experiential Learning Program which in the participants get to stay and learn from the ways of life in local communities in ASEAN countries.
  • 第三,奖学金计划的校友. mg官方网站为学生提供了大量奖学金, 包括残疾学生, to study in China, Korea, Japan, 也在mg官方网站国家的大学里. 以上列出的所有活动都涉及来自mg官方网站和中日韩多个国家的许多学生同时在一个地点参加, Japan, Korea, and China.

据mg官方网站执行主任说, the definition of alumni is a personal relationship based on trust that only can come from togetherness experiences meaning that we have to be together in person to create alumni. 尽管信息技术在进步,但电子mg官方网站不能仅仅通过网上聚会来获得校友. 他强调,面对面的接触对校友来说是至关重要的. In his last remark, he added that he read somewhere a long time ago a study stating that intercultural competencies or cultural experiences cannot be formed unless we have experienced cultures of other countries for more than two weeks. So, 他非常感谢SHARE项目为mg官方网站学生提供了500多个奖学金.

Dr. Choltis最后回答了“校友网络在未来高等教育中扮演什么角色”的问题?”. 校友不仅仅是未来的高等教育,他们将是未来世界的和平. By gathering together, 在信息技术的帮助下,电子mg官方网站正在创造某种力量, our network will be stronger and will be a part of the prevention measure that leads us away from the experience that we observe in Ukraine.